Prepare for the 2024 Circle of Excellence Award Program

The CRCBR Circle of Excellence Award program (previously known as the Deal Makers Awards) honors members who achieve the highest levels of production and delivered incredible results for their clients and our entire community. Learn more below on how to get an early start on your 2024 Circle of Excellence application.

STEP ONE: Don’t skip this step. Review the Award information to understand the program guidelines and how to proceed. Everything is new this year.

2024 CEA Rules | What’s New | How to Apply? | Frequently Asked Questions

STEP TWO: Click here to download your transaction Entry Form (instructions and field information here).

STEP THREE: Fill the Entry Form and save throughout the year.

NOTE: Does your firm have a transaction and commission tracking system that can generate the required fields? We have a new transaction entry option. Contact [email protected] to request prior approval to provide transaction listings in this format.

Tutorial Videos

Getting Started

Fillign Out Your Transaction Entry Form