NC & SC Real Estate Commissions

All North Carolina brokers are required to take eight (8) hours of continuing education credit per year. Provisional Brokers and non-BIC Brokers must take the GenUp (General Update) course and one Commission-approved elective. Brokers in Charge (BIC) and BIC-Eligible Brokers should take the BICUP (Broker-in-Charge Update) course and one Commission-approved elective. The North Carolina Real Estate Commission (NCREC) licensing year is from July 1 - June 30. Contact NCREC for more information about continuing education and pre-licensing requirements. Licensing deadline is June 10.



New SC Licensing Requirements - Deadline is June 30
The South Carolina Real Estate Commission’s licensing law now requires that CE completion be reported to a database by our providers. The Commission will also begin full CE tracking and Auditing.

In order to simplify your license renewal process and CE verification, South Carolina Real Estate Commission has partnered with CE Broker as their official CE tracking system.

Through this partnership you have access to a free Basic Account. This account provides you an easy way to track your CE online and simplifies maintenance of your CE records and completion certificates. We urge all Salesperson, Broker, and Broker in Charge licensees to sign up for accounts with CE Broker.

For SC resident licensed Salespersons, Broker’s and Broker in Charge who are not CE exempt, the following CE requirements apply for “ACTIVE” renewal:

  • Ten (10) hours of biennial continuing education will be required for broker and salesperson licensees including 4 hour mandatory core course. (*Will begin with licenses which expire June 30)
  • Brokers in Charge will have an additional mandatory 4 hour CE class out of their 10 hours in addition to the mandatory core course. (*Will begin with licenses which expire June 30)

For a full list of CE Requirements, exemptions, and information on signing up for CE Broker please review the documents below: